THE CLEANSING to Release “Feeding The Inevitable” on Aug. 16, 2011

Press Release:  A massive leap forward for this Danish juggernaut of death metal mastery. “Feeding the Inevitable”, the band’s new album is technically proficient death with the chops to stand alongside the elite, but instead they shred with a much more crushing maelstrom that falls somewhere between Immolation and Vader, yet adding in the elements that make the Danish death metal scene amongst the best in the world.

THE CLEANSING hail from Copenhagen, Denmark and pummel the listener with their aggressive brand of Danish death metal. “Poisoned Legacy”, the band’s debut album was performed with an almost surgical precision and forged an album of highest quality. TeethoftheDivine hailed it as A perfect mix of chunky Danish brutality and modern polished, death metal savagery and Outburn raved that “ The Cleansing is chunkier than peanut brittle, full of fat grooves, and written with an ear toward variety and depth.”

Formed in 2007 after the demise of Usipian, members Andreas, Jeppe and Toke added drum master Morten Lowe of The Arcane Order (Metal Blade), Submission (Listenable) and known for his session work with Soilwork (Century Media) and Scarve (Listenable). Also, within their ranks is bassist Martin Rosendahl of Corpus Mortale (Willowtip) and was previously a member of Danish legends Iniquity. The Cleansing create a sonic firestorm with a groove-ladened crunch that will terminate all

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