BLACK SEPTEMBER “The Forbidden Gates Beyond” In Stores Now!

Prosthetic Records are now shipping the debut offering from Chicago’s BLACK SEPTEMBER. Incredible debut full length from this death metal band!

The debut album from Chicago’s BLACK SEPTEMBER is finally in stores! Be sure to pick it up from your local store or from us direct! You need this slab of death metal in your collection!

Black September – CD – LP – Shirt

SKELETONWITCH – ONWARD/INFERNAL 7″ – We are almost sold out of these, but there are a handful left! If you have not ordered this yet, then we suggest doing so before it’s gone forever! It’s limited to 500 copies and is the final 7″ in the trilogy. It even comes with a demo of  a new Witch song that will be on their new record coming this fall!

Skeletonwitch – Onward/Infernal 7″

We also have this PROSTHETIC RECORDS 10 CD GRAB BAG. This is where you get 10 cds for $20. We choose the cds but you can get anything! We’re throwing everything under the sun in these packs. Take a chance!

Prosthetic Records CD Grab Bag

We have officially launched the preorder for THE GREENERY! This is some straight off of the streets, down and dirty, punk meets rock. You know those nights you don’t remember? But you know you had a great time? Yeah, this is your soundtrack! Check out the package deals we have!


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