Will of the Ancients Begin Recording for 2nd Full Length

Toronto based black metallers WILL OF THE ANCIENTS has just begun recording their 2nd full length album.  Here’s the text from their latest blog entry on MySpace:

“Well, we finally solidified all the dates on our August tour with our friends in the mighty Wolven Ancestry. We’re touring all over Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes as well, and hoping to meet some friends, make some new fans and crank it out like we’ve never done before! Dates are posted on all our various pages.

As of the 4th of July, we’ve officially started working on our new album in the studio. The going is slow at the moment, but we’re aiming to release it close to the end of this year. We’re determined to make this the best sounding independent metal album to come out of Toronto in at least the past decade if not longer. It’s gonna be a huge epic juggernaut!!

We’re also going to do a little studio diary starting soonish, so look out for that in the near future, possibly also a tour diary.

Check out those tour dates, and hope to see you on the road!”

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