THEORY OF A DEAD Man’s Tylor Connolly Is a Gibson Lovin’ Guy

Theory of A Deadman are gearing up to release their 4th full length album, The Truth Is…July 12th. Frontman Tyler Connolly catches up with Gibson guitars and explains why he loves playing them live,

“The best guitar I ever bought was a black Gibson Les Paul custom. I bought it for full price, which was $4500. I had to get a loan. But it sounded so amazing. The Les Paul had such a characteristic to it, especially when I played lead stuff. It opened me up to different styles of playing and songwriting. I started writing songs for the first record all on this black Les Paul, and for me, this was it. I was into the Gibsons. Now, I have so many Gibsons, and I use a ’57 Les Paul Jr. on a lot of the record. I’m a Gibson guy. I play Gibsons live because they sound so good.”

Read the full interview at Gibson’s website!

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