DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER rocked on their fourth Russian tour again. 500 kg baggage, over 20 boxes, suitcases and bulky luggage, spread over 10 musicians and crew members, was completely moved in the “Russian style” by buses, trains and planes. Neither meticulous border and customs controls or the inevitable “Russian ten minutes” could stop the Germans to transform the concert halls into a vibrating, sweaty temple. The enthusiasm of the Russians for the sound of the REITER rose with the new album “Moral & Wahnsinn” again, next to the REITER-strongholds of St. Petersburg and Moscow, the band ventured for the first time a jump in the 4 time zones away city of Yekaterinburg.

“If the security had not been, had the crazy fans at the signing session are stripped us to the skin and permanently preserved in vodka” commented the band, which were completely surprised of the massive onslaught in the Asian part of Russia. “This was a very bright touching experience. The emotions were on both sides, the joy, warmth and melancholy of the Russians was simply overwhelming. The band spontaneously decided to stay another day in Yekaterinburg, learned the real Russia and made plans for an upcoming Russian tour, which will then carry out the whole of Siberia.”

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