Underground Legends Goreaphobia Release Artwork and Tracklisting for “Mortal Repulsion”

Philly’s underground legends, GOREAPHOBIA are back with their full-length debut, entitled Mortal Repulsion.

The tracklisting and artwork for Mortal Repulsion can be found below:

  1. Ordeal Of The Abyss
  2. Amulet Of Damnation
  3. Negative Screams (Passage Intro)
  4. Grave Plagued Planet
  5. Primal Nothingness
  6. Faded Into Ends (Part I)
  7. Despised And Ruined
  8. Black Ash Eyes
  9. A Grievous Curse
  10. Ascending Into Vices
  11. The Inevitable Punishment/Faded Into Ends (Part II)
  12. Mortal Repulsion

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