Former HEAD (ex-Korn) Chronicles His Experience in New Article!

Scott “SVH” Von Heldt (former lead guitarist and backing vocalist for ex-Korn axe-slinger Brian Head Welch) is a newly acquired staff writer for the all new tattoo and music lifestyle magazine Tattooed Music and his debut article has just been released.

In the article entitled “Outta My Head: Two Years with a Metal Legend” Von Heldt discusses the ups and downs of being a hired musician working alongside a well-known artist like Welch, and shares very candid moments experienced along his two-year journey.

Von Hedt had the following to say:

“I’m stoked to be writing for Tattooed Music, I think it’s a great place to share my take on individuality and self expression and that’s another reason I decided to kick things off talking about my experience playing with Head. It was an experience I loved and appreciated but ya know the business can get the best of any band and things fall apart and I think people are interested in knowing what artists really face and this stuff is REAL”

To check out the full article here.

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