DIR EN GREY To Release Album DUM SPIRO SPERO In August

DIR EN GREY will release their 8th studio album DUM SPIRO SPERO Tuesday, August 2 on The End Records.

When asked how the new album compares to past work, guitarist KAORU said DUM SPIRO SPERO offers “something more savage from a deeper world which is completely different from any of our past works.”

There are 14 tracks including “Hageshisa To, Kono Mune No Naka De Karamitsuita Shakunetsu No Yami” (featured on the Saw 3D soundtrack) and the singles, “LOTUS” and “DIFFERENT SENSE.”

“These songs are definitely some of the highlights of the album,” says KAORU, “but they are actually the most catchy and easy-listening songs on this album. Can you even imagine what our other songs are like?”

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