Dark Descent to Release UNDEAD CREEP’s ‘The Ever-Burning Torch’

There is a little slice of Stockholm in Palermo, Sicily and it goes by the name of UNDEAD CREEP.  On The Ever-Burning Torch, the band’s full-length debut, the quartet churns out a surprisingly fresh, well written concoction of motoring grooves, growling bass lines, two-beat romps, and glorious Sunlight-esque crunch that proudly recalls the likes of GRAVE and DISMEMBER, yet offers just a bit more for the discerning death metal fan. Within these smartly arranged burners one will also hear bits and pieces of DECEASED’s chainsaw rip-riffs and the kind of rolling bludgeon made famous by CARCASS.  The quartet, which just happens to include members of HAEMOPHAGUS and MORBO, has knocked this one out of the park. The CD comes with five bonus demo cuts and is available for order through Dark Descent Records with  a June 24th release.  The band has posted a video teaser for The Ever-Burning Torch at this location.

Immolation For Reincarnation

God’s Disdain

Surrounded By Tombs

Eternal Rest

Frozen Asphyxiation

Interlude – On Blackened Mountains

Eradicated Memories

Swallowed By The Chasm

Survive The Aftermath

Forbidden Cult

Intro  – Darkest Slumber (Demo)

Final Demise (Demo)

Ritual Slaughter (Demo)

Summoning The Abyss Lord (Demo)

Undead Creep (Demo)

The Ever-Burning Torch, is another superb addition to a Dark Descent roster that has lambasted the planet with superb releases from the likes of UNCANNY, CORPSESSED, ADVERSARIAL, GRAVEHILL, MIASMAL, TOXAEMIA, and GOREPHILIA. It is a winning streak unrivaled in the world of underground death metal.



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