I AM ABOMINATION Unveil New Track From ‘Passion Of The Heist’ – Listen Now!

I AM ABOMINATION and AMPMagazine.com have teamed up to unveil a brand new track cut from the band’s upcoming digital EP, Passion Of The Heist, entitled ‘Examination’. Head to this link to listen to the new track, and make sure to pre-order Passion Of The Heist now at this link. Passion Of The Heist releases on July 19th, 2011 with GOOD FIGHT MUSIC.

Passion Of The Heist is described by the band as a concept album, and was produced, written, engineered, mixed and mastered by guitarist Nick Sampson. The EP was also recorded at Nick Sampson’s studio in New Boston, MI. All lyrics on Passion Of The Heist were written by Brandon Good. Passion Of The Heist includes guest appearances, including an appearance by ATTACK ATTACK’s Caleb Shomo on the track ‘Ascension’.


1   Vivification

2   Abduction

3   Examination

4   Transformation

5   Ascension

(ft.Caleb Shomo of ATTACK ATTACK)

6   Invasion

I AM ABOMINATION is not stranger to positive vibes towards their sound and originality. “Michigan has given us a few memorable things such as Ford cars, Eminem and Domino’s Pizza… Now the Mighty Mitten State has graced our ears with the likes of I AM ABOMINATION—a post-hardcore/progressive rock outfit that boasts a vast, enthralling sound and forward-thinking mindset,” stated TheNewReview.net in 2010.

In reference to their 2010 release, To Our Forefathers, DecoyMusic.com stated, “I AM ABOMINATION has crafted an absurdly pleasing album. From the appealing voice of lead singer Phil Druyor, the swift riffs of guitarists Shawn Reed and Zach Felps, to the floating, airy beauty of the synthesizers that surround I AM ABOMINATION’s music, To Our Forefathers is the audio equivalent of a massive heap of cotton candy.”

I AM ABOMINATION’s first full length album, To Our Forefathers, can be purchased on iTunes here.

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