Lacey Mosley of Flyleaf Talks About Her Struggles, MTV’s platform to connect young people with local volunteerism opportunities, today debuted a series of on-air PSAs and viral Web videos that feature many of today’s biggest artists and celebrities calling on young people to make a positive impact in their communities, is kicking into gear.

From battling homelessness to beautifying impoverished neighborhoods to saving whales, celebrities including Cameron Diaz, Will.I.Am, Hayden Panettiere, Pete Wentz, Kelly Rowland, Tyrese, Flyleaf and Sean Kingston dish about the causes they volunteer to support, and urge young people to join with their friends in making civil service a part of their lifestyle.  In addition to the PSA and Web videos, MTV plans to integrate this call to action in a number of its marquee on-air programs, including “The Real World,” “Buried Life,” and more.

Watch Lacey Mosley of FLYLEAF talks about her struggles and how she makes time to help others.

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