Clutch Make History on Billboard Charts with Independent Release

American Rock Band CLUTCH has done the improbable. The band’s ninth studio record is the first of their storied, road driven career to achieve Top 40 status on the Billboard Top 200 sales chart.

The newly released Strange Cousins From the West” landed a soundscan ranking of #38, with just under 14,000 units sold in it’s first week at retail.

This is the the highest chart position of the band’s 18 year career. Even more incredible is the fact that Strange Cousins From the West is the first newly recorded CLUTCH project on the band’s self owned record label, Weathermaker Music.

The band has previously recorded and released music through major label recording companies like Atlantic, Elektra and Columbia as well as independent labels like Earache, Megaforce, and DRT. In 2008, the band, along with longtime manager Jack Flanagan founded Weathermaker Music. Prior to Weathermaker, five of CLUTCH’s previous eight studio releases have cracked the Billboard Top 200 but none nearly as high as “Strange Cousins…” #38.

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