Behemoth’s NERGAL a Judge on “The Voice”?

According to a Polish tabloid Fakt, Adam “Nergal” Darski “The Prince of Darkness” will possibly be a judge on the television program The Voice

Nergal, mainly known for fans of metal music, recently seems to despise the mainstream including the entertainment industry.  As of late he’s began to participate more on the television  even considering participation in the new show TVP2.

Producers offered him a job as a juror in preparation for the autumn program “The Voice”.  Adam would evaluate candidates for the new stars of the Polish music scene. Although there’s been no final decision, Nergal has shown interest in the show because of the American version.  You can expect it to be one of the most severe judges.

If you can speak Polish that head here to check out the article in Fakt or if you’re Polish is a little rusty find a handy-dandy translator online.

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