Nile Dub New Album Unrelenting and Overwhelmingly Brutal

NILE guitarist/vocalist Karl Sanders recently spoke to Greg Pratt of Exclaim! magazine about the recording process for NILE’s new album, which is due in November via Nuclear Blast Records.

“Gruelling. Exhausting,” Sanders said of the forthcoming CD. “This album has consumed 12 to 14 hours of my life every day since May. It’s now July and we are fucking tired. And we got another month to go.

“We started off in pre-production in Greenville, South Carolina, then relocated to Tampa to work with Erik Rutan [CANNIBAL CORPSE, MORBID ANGEL] on recording drums. At the moment, we are in Greenville, just finished slaving away on rhythm guitars. When we finish vocals, bass, leads and so forth, we will go up to Chicago at Rax Trax to mix.”

He added, “Musically, the new disc is unrelenting, overwhelming brutality, with lots of various Eastern influences. Lyrically there are new and interesting influences from various Middle Eastern cultures.”

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