DIMEBAG Gives Advise on “how to pump maximum heaviness into a riff”

Now, here’s some sweet shit.  GuitarWorld has revamped their website (which looks fucking awesome, btw) and have began publishing some of Dimebag’s old articles, one of which is entitled Dimebag Darrell: How to Pump Up Your Riffs.  It does this ‘ole heart of mine good that somebody is still wanting to carry on the legacy of Dime and how he could grind an axe.  Here’s some sound advice that Daddy Dime gives in the article:

“If the dropped-D tuning ain’t heavy enough for ya, you can always tune you whole guitar down a tone-so your strings go, from low to high, D, G, C, F, A, D. Doing this can make a riff sound heavier than shit, which is why we used it for “Walk” (Vulgar Display Of Power). I’ll tell ya, if Phil (Anselmo, Pantera singer) had his way, I would play all our shit in this tuning! To me, though, it’s much more effective when used once in a while-if we did it on every song, it’d get old real quick! So, whenever Phil gets on me about it, I just go, “Hey, Dad! Cut it!”

To see the entire article as well as others, check ’em out over at GuitarWorld.com

Getcha’ Pull, Dime!

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