SLAYER’s “Angel of Death” Smooth Rock Style by the Metal Mashup Master

I came across some info about a guy named Andy Rehfelt.  Now, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this dude before but you’re going to want to.  This guy is a phreakin musical genious with a sense of humor that only a metalhead could love.

Andy’s referred to as the “Metal Mashup Master” because he takes live video music tracks, whether it be metal or “disney radio”  music such as Rhianna, and separates the tracks and applies new vocal and musical arrangements.  So, let’s say you have a metal band, i.e. Slayer and you want to switch it up to some smooth rock version, just for a laugh mind you.  This is what Andy comes up with:

Or lets say some Megadeth “Symphony of Destruction” gone Reggae style:

Head here to see more of Andy’s video mashups as well as an interview to get inside the guy’s head on how he comes up with these vids.  Also, Andy’s always looking for fresh ideas so hit him up on his website.


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