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With one of the best death metal releases of the year so far with Souls Of Damnnation, the latest release from the almighty BLOOD RED THRONE, the guys took the time to chat with us at SMNnews.  Come one, come all and get the inside scoop on some future tour plans, as well as the band’s custom tour they’ve created for the world to see.  Those who don’t know our buddies in BLOOD RED THRONE, these guys have been sticking to their guns for 11+ years creating that skullcrushing death metal that you just can’t deny, for this underground metal machine shows a level of expertise within the playing fields of metal. 

BLOOD RED THRONE - Souls Of Damnnation

Your 2009 Earache Records album, Souls Of Damnation has just been released recently.  Cheers, you guys must be pretty stoked, huh?

It’s always good to have a new album out and especially when it’s the best release we have so far! Now, we look forward to get on tour and have a good time!

Souls Of Damnation in my eyes is one of the best death metal albums of the year so far!  You guys have really earned your spot.  On the subject of metal albums, what are some of your favorites of the year?

Thanx man! Great to hear! There are many good bands out there, but we definetely think we’re one of them, so it’s good to be noticed! I don’t think I’ve checked too many albums in 2009, but of course, the new Chimaira album is great, as well as the latest Suffocation and also Dream Theater album!

Out of the whole BLOOD RED THRONE discography, are there any particular songs you especially like playing live?

There are some. The Children Shall Endure, Smite, Deranged Assassin, No New Beginning and The Light, The Hate are great to play live and they’re always included in our live set!

Does BLOOD RED THRONE have any tour plans you can let us in about?

We’re doing a single show in Romania for the first time august 2oth. Otherwise, we’re doing our first headliner European tour, starting october 10th in Holland! We’ll visit some new countries like Spain this time, and it’s gonna be awesome! We’re also workin’ on a US tour next year and it’s about time our US fans are able to see us live for the first time!

You guys for sure have stuck to your guns in the long run, and Souls Of Damnation continues that straight up skullcrushing death metal.  Do you guys have any future material planned, and the musical direction of it?

Yeah, we’ve been around for 11 years and both Tchort and I have been in the Norwegian extreme metal scene since early 90’s. We know exactly how we want our death metal and though we haven’t too much new material right now, there won’t be too many surprises next time. Just quality headbanging death metal the way we know it!

I absolutely love the song Not Turgenjev, But Close – it’s killer!!  In BLOOD RED THRONE’s songwriting process, how do you guys feed off one another for the final product?

Thanx. That’s one of the last tracks I wrote for the album. It has a fine combination between some thrash and heavy metal with a death metal twist I think and the titlte is quite funny too! All members got their favorite tracks of course and I really like Tchort’s Ten Steps of Purgatory. I think all enjoy the opening track as well!

Here’s a fun and tricky question.  If you were to create a dream tour, who would be on it?  Feel free to name a full scale festival if you wish.

Bands still alive; Suffocation and Morbid Angel. Bands of all time; Death and Gorguts back in 1992!!! I love festivals, so everyone, but I really think Wacken should invite us soon!

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us.  Souls Of Damnation has great potential, and things look like they are going great so far.  How does the future of BLOOD RED THRONE look to you?

Excellent! Thanx! We sure hope we can take one step further with this release. Play more live and just get more fans! Cheers!

Label: Earache Records

By Alex Gilbert

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