Suicide City Releases First Full Length “Frenzy” Today

All-star collaboration project SUICIDE CITY, featuring members of KITTIE and BIOHAZARD, released their first full-length album Frenzy today on The End Records.

1. First Cut
2. Cutter
3. Sex And Dying
4. The Only Track Not About Sex And Dying
5. The Best Way [MP3]
6. Painted Horse
7. Chemical Fight
8. Burn
9. Undone
10. Spanish Fly
11. She Waits
12. She Waits In A European Nightclub
13. Start The Show
14. Not My Year
15. Lost Years


Kalle Bernholtz – Vocals
Jennifer “Ms.JennCity” Arroyo – Bass, Vocals
Billy Graziadei – Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals
A.J. Marchetta – Guitar
Dan Lamagna – Drums

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