CHICKENFOOT Album Teasers / Tracklisting For New Album

The band Chickenfoot, consisting of  Joe Satriani, Chad Smith,  Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar will be releasing  “Chickenfoot III” on September 26th in a special 3D designed package. The album’s lead single, “Bigfoot” will be out on August 2nd.

“I am very proud of the new album,” says lead singer Hagar. “We’re calling the album ‘Chickenfoot III’ because it’s so good, the songs are so tight, it’s like we jumped right past having to make a second record.” He adds, “We’ve established a real trust, Joe and I, we truly bring out the best in one another, and that spreads to the whole band.”

“Chickenfoot III” track listing:

1. Last Temptation
2. Alright, Alright
3. Different Devil
4. Up Next
5. Lighten Up
6. Come Closer
7. Three and a Half Letters
8. Bigfoot
9. Dubai Blues
10. Something Going Wrong

Check out their Chickenfoot 2011 New Album Teaser #1

Chickenfoot 2011 New Album Teaser #2

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