J.D. OVERDRIVE Launches Making-of Video for “Ballbreaker”

J.D. Overdrive have posted up a “the making of” video for the track “Ballbreaker” off their album Sex, Whisky &  Southern Blood on their website as well as introducing their new Youtube channel:

Howdy Ho! Check out our official YouTube Channel, which is launching TODAY! We intend to put all sorts of crazy shit there, starting with a teaser/’making of’ video for the clip to ‘Ballbreaker’! Yeah, we know that you’re supposed to have a ‘making of’ vid AFTER the actual clip is released, but hell, we’re artists and we don’t care what you think:P By the way, the music video to ‘Ballbreaker’ will be released next week, don’t miss it 😉

“Sex, Whiskey & Southern Blood” consists of ten tracks including their own interpretation of Jimi Hendrix’ classic – “Purple Haze”.
Track Listing:
1. A Taste Of The South…
2. Ballbreaker
3. Boot Hill
4. Truth Teller
5. No Man’s Land
6. The Art Of Demolition
7. Stoned To Death
8. Guilt And Redemption
9. Purple Haze
10. Demonize
11. Into The Same River

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