Lethe Provide “Mnemosyne” Update

Seattle-based psychedelic stoner rock outfit LETHE (featuring members of SAMOTHRACE) have just issued an update on their highly anticipated debut album, Mnemosyne. The album was recorded by Eric Graves (The Esoteric) at Black Lodge Studios and Mixtape Soundlabs in the band’s hometown of Lawrence, Kansas, and will be released by instrumental music giants Reptile Records.

Bassist Dylan Desmond divulged that:

“it’s looking like mid August the pressing should be complete. We have a full time drummer now named Adrian Guerra who also plays drums in the Seattle band Sod Hauler. He’s kicking ass and we’re writing a lot of new material with him. We’re officially a three piece now, and Adrian’s input and style is a huge step up for our song writing! We’re in the process of planning a November/December tour, and are probably going to begin recording a new full length sometime early next year. “

To get a taste of Mnemosyne, head over to LETHEs MySpace and check out two new songs that appear on the record – “Mother Milk Eyes” and “Therefore Let Us Feed the Beast.”


1. Mother Milk Eyes
2. Therefore Let Us Feed The Beast
3. New Queen’s
4. Open Harvest
5. Mnemosyne

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