Ellsbeth Team Up with PETA 2

Independent goth metal up-and-comers, ELLSBETH, have teamed up with PETA 2, to join the fight for animal rights around the world.  The band will help spread the PETA message on their upcoming tour, which will be announced shortly.  ELLSBETH are avid animal lovers, and singer Shannon Quamme has recently adopted a vegan lifestyle.

“All life is equal, but sometimes our perception doesn’t allow us to see it clearly; ask anyone who has welcomed a pet into their home and loved it like one of the family. Ellsbeth is proud to support this groundbreaking organization in what we hope will forge positive future relations between humans and animals alike.”

ELLSBETH’s Well Dressed Killing Machine was released in April, and is now available on iTunes.  The album was produced by Sean Lacefield (Repo! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack) and by Chris Spilfogel (Dreamgirls, Hairspray).  Four songs off Well Dressed Killing Machine can be streamed at IndiePit.com.

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