Videos of DEVIL DRIVER, OPETH, and More from the Heavy TO Festival

DevilDriver, Times of Grace, Opeth and Megadeth all performed at the Heavy TO festival in Toronto, Canada this weekend.  Stay tuned to Braingell in the next few days.  Hopefully, we’ll have some news and pics from our own John Gehrig who was able to attend the event.  Check out some professionally shot videos below!

Here’s footage of DevilDriver performing “Dead to Rights,” off their most recent album, Beast:

EVILDRIVER – HEAVYTO 2011 from Distort Inc. on Vimeo
Here’s Opeth doing “The Grand Conjuration” from Ghost Reveries (watch Mikael totally lose his guitar at the 3:00 mark:

OPETH – HEAVYTO 2011 from Distort Inc. on Vimeo.
Head over to Roadrunner Records  to check out the rest of the vids.

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