Food Chain Must-Have’s: Metal Cupcakes, Metal Beer, and Metal Ice Cream!!

Metal cupcakes washed down with some black metal ice cream.  I can’t think of anything in the food chain that can beat that.  Let’s begin with the cupcakes simply because I can easily make these when myself and my old man get a case of the major munchies.  I came cross this website today called Metalcakes with cupcake recipes but this isn’t your normal website or normal cupcakes, for that matter.

Hammers of Misfortune: Cakes of Broken Glass

These are described as “Cupcake Recipes Inspired By All Things Brutal” and when you go to their website you’ll see the first cake named” Cakes of Broken Glass” with what appears to be shards of glass protruding from the top of the cake.  This particular cake was inspired by the band Hammers Of Misfortune.  Other named cupcakes are: Pelican: The Fire in our Throats Will Beckon the (Vegan) Cupcakes and Watain: Sworn to the Cake.

Go check out this website.  There’s photos and step-by-step instructions which makes it super easy for when you’re baked.

Now, onto this ice cream.  Amy’s Ice Creams and Jester King Brewery in Austin, Texas teamed up to create the new ice cream flavor: Black Metal Stout!  Being from Texas myself, I’m beaming with pride on this one and obviously, this isn’t something that you can crank outta the kitchen off the cuff.  You’ll need to purchase a plane ticket to Texas or expect a 3 to 4 day drive.  Go check out their website, though.  You can get some kickass lookin’ t-shirts and beer glasses.  Take a look at their promo video for the ice cream.

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