Church Becomes Venue to Help Out Hardcore Metal Bands

Photo by Andrea Cervone - Vocalist Gage Speas, of Solid State band To Speak of Wolves, engrosses the audience during a performance at City Church on July 22.

Well, this is a first for me.  In Savannah, Georgia, the music scene doesn’t seem to be equipped to handle music for minors and if they want to check out some shows they have to drive anywhere from two to 4 hours to get to like Jacksonville, FL or to Atlanta to check out their favorite bands, so their solution to this problem was to utilize the stage of a local church.

City Church, a small church on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, has recently jumped on the music scene bandwagon as an all-ages venue.

“It’s Visually and audibly attractive, and a welcoming atmosphere. Great people, great place, great music,” said Wilson Cobb, a young concert-goer who recently visited City Church for a performance by six hardcore and metal bands.

City Church media director Brian Buchanan: “We had the space and the sound system, and the building wasn’t being used on days other than Sunday, so why not use it as a venue?”

In October, City Church will play host to Rocktoberfest.  This will be an all-day music festival featuring the renowned math-core band The Chariot as its headliner, as well as a shitload of local bands.

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