Reprise Records to Provide Drool Cups for Mastodon Fans

ATLANTA–Christmas comes in September for metal fans as Reprise Records has  announced September 27 as the release date for ‘The Hunter,’ the new album from  Mastodon. ‘Unto the Locust,’ the new album from Machine Head is expected to be  available around the same time, leaving metal heads across the world  salivating.
Reprise Records, after losing a bet with Roadrunner Records, the  label home of Machine Head, is tasked with providing drool cups for fans that  can not contain their excitement. The label is also in talks with Cialis to  provide medication for those who are showing their excitement for the new albums  “below the waist.”
‘Black Tongue,’ the lead single from ‘The Hunter’ is now  streaming online and has been described as Mastodon meets Mastodon in one  magical Mastodon sandwich.

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