Contrive and Devin Townsend Check in from Vancouver

Australia’s CONTRIVE are at the final stages of completing their 2nd record, yet to be titled. The album is currently being mixed by Devin Townsend at Studio D in downtown Vancouver, Canada with the band’s drummer Andrew Haug.

Haug issued the following update:

Hey all, well am rokkin’ it here in kinda sunny but more so rainy Vancouver, killer Rambo weather as i’m a few hours away from where they filmed First Blood but i’ll save that tangent for later ha loooove that film. Ok, what does one say when working with such a great friend, a true professional and all round genius? Um? Good job for a start! Seriously, its sounding amazing which yes is cliched to
all when makin a record but its true, he’s brought even more life to these already
meaningful songs than we could have imagined, mega stoked eh! I also got a sneak peak at some of his upcoming stuff from the Addicted record whoooaa! Dev said its rough but it sounds killer as it so prepare yoselves! Oh Ziltoid is havin a blast too indeeeed! More news soon eh! m/ ”

Devin also added some comments.

‘Hey, Devin here…about 3/4 of the way through the new Cuntrive album, I’ve known the Haug brothers for some time, and I have to say that this record is leagues ahead of their previous material, which was already great. They’ve got a cool message and a sense of dynamics on this album which I think will give people the cause to take notice. Organic and honest, I’m happy to have been
involved with some really great music. Hail Contrive folks!’

Andrew recently uploaded some studio pics to the band’s MySpace.

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