The Boy Will Drown – Fetish

UK technical death metallers THE BOY WILL DROWN unleash a monstrous release with Fetish, and take technical death metal for one wild ride!  Not only on the brutal side, but their technicality expands into a ton of experimentation, obscure structures, sudden time changes, schizophrenic speeds, and yes, also some beautiful melodies.  You’ll see that the band offers something special – definitely more than standard.  Influentially, these guys take a lot from The Dillinger Escape Plan, Into The Moat, and Psyopus, but they do also take elements from the whole musical spectrum and use them to their advantage to create THE BOY WILL DROWN.  Their 2009 Earache Records release, Fetish, is filled with plenty of surprises, crazy fretboard action, and tons of hyperactive brutality to keep that head of yours banging.  Whatever sub-genre of metal you like, THE BOY WILL DROWN will have something to suit your fancy, if it’s not already the music as a whole you dig.

Fetish begins with “Deep Throat”, and begins the blast at maximum tempo, and technical guitar work goes all over the place.  And when the song hits around mid-point, the band introduces some beautiful melodies that really set a great mood, but knowing these techsters, they aren’t going to sit still because the frenzy hits once again with their crazy guitar work.  “Deep Throat” does show more of a straight forward approach from these guys, but moving into Fetish, many twists and turns will become present.

The release continues to move on in many different directions, and the technical obstacle course of Fetish really gets the adrenaline rushing.  Songs such as “Irminsul”, and the Psyopus screeching dissonance in “Josef Fritzl” give some frantic blasts of chaos.  Like much technical death metal does these days is slow down the pace, give a few random jazz grooves, and give some deep melodies which THE BOY WILL DROWN pulls off pretty well.  Add em to that list.

Closing on “Suis La Luna”, the guys really show more of a sense of direction.  This song is a monster, and unleashes a ton of monstrous brutality, with equally monstrous technicality.  What surprised me is how smooth and under control the ending of “Suis La Luna” is.  Could we be looking at a new musical direction?  Again, I’m sure these guys have it all planned out.

THE BOY WILL DROWN shows a ton of potential in becoming one of the tech metal elite.  And when you have The Dillinger Escape Plan asking you to tour with them, you know you’ve got some badass going on.  The Dillinger Escape Plan influence is definitely evident in their sound, as well as touches of Psyopus, but THE BOY WILL DROWN’s blend of talent really makes them stick out.  Though the band may seem out of control at some times with their out of the blue riffing, I believe they have their formula in good hands.  Let’s watch these guys mature more, for THE BOY WILL DROWN is going to be one hell of a force to be reckoned with in the future . . .


Rating: 8/10
Label: Earache Records

By Alex Gilbert

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