7-String Guitarist Chick Re-Works “Paranoid”

Here’s something new and refreshing.  A Norwegian born chick playing a 7 string guitar, singer / songwriter in metal music who simply calls herself “The Commander In Chief” is releasing her re-work of PARANOID on August 20th! Her upcoming 2 singles were mixed by Sterling Winfield, producer/engineer for Pantra, Hatebreed, and Hellyeah.  Has to be kickass right?  Apparently Winfield thinks it’s the shit.  Check out what he had to say about her new singles:

“I am always looking for something new and different to work on, but I have to say that when the unique talents of “The Commander In Chief” crossed my desk  a few months ago, I was blown away!

This was definitely new and different!

In my twenty plus years as a producer and engineer I can honestly say that I have never seen or heard anything like what she has to offer.

Killer guitar driven progressive hard rock, along with an unbelievable over the top vocal style, with just enough pop added so that it can be accessible to all.

Neatly wrapped up in an image that is definitely fresh and exciting. I am looking forward to work with her again soon! Rock on Commander! Well done!”

Commander in Chief (CIC) is endorsed by Ibanez guitars, Seymour Duncan and Ernie Ball. She is officially playing the prototype 7 string Falchion, which is the only 7 string Falchion in the world.

The CIC will release PARANOID as a FREE download on her sites on August 20th. In October she will release the first original single, together with her first official music video. If you’d dig giving this chick a listen then head over to her Facebook page and listen to “She’s So Crazy”.

The CIC does all guitars and vocals herself.  She is backed LIVE by her fantastic drummer and bassist. She recently re-located to the UK, where she is based with her team, outside London.





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