CEREBRAL BORE to Play at Bloodstock Open Air Festival Aug. 12th

Cerebral Bore are getting things ready for their first ever appearance at the UK’s metal festival, Bloodstock Open Air.  The band will be performing this Friday, 12th August at 2pm on the Sophie Lancaster.

Cerebral Bore guitarist Paul McGuire comments:

“We have played a whole bunch of open air festivals in Europe, but never in the UK, so this is sure to be pretty surreal for us!  Especially with bands like Motorhead and Morbid Angel on the bill.  Pretty much everyone I know in Scotland who listens to metal is going, so hopefully we will have a good crowd and tons of bodies battering each other!  But most of all, it will be great to play to such a big home crowd; with a bit of luck it will be something we get to do more often in the UK.”

For more information about Bloodstock, head to http://www.bloodstock.uk.com

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