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Recently, Ian Chains (Guitars/Vocals) of Canadian heavy metallers CAULDRON and SMNnews got together for an interview.  Looks like the band has some extremely exciting events ahead of them, ranging from tours with Stryker, Enforcer, and Wolf all respectively, to crossing my fingers these guys get accepted for a Canadian video grant.  If so, it looks like there will be a music video for “Chained Up In Chains” coming around, from which I understand will have some familiar plugs with their album cover [Chained To The Nite], and I can just tell it is going to be no less than bad to the bone!  These guys are keeping it real for sure, creating some of the best NWOBHM songs in this modern age, so grab a beer or two, and get into some CAULDRON!

cauldron live

CAULDRON really does bring some of the best NWOBHM songs in this modern age.  Cheers guys, and thanks for keeping it real!  Creating all of these rockin’ songs that you do, what is your songwriting
process like?

Hi Alex, thanks bud!  I guess listening to some of the best NWOBHM songs of the old age paid off!  Our songwriting process is usually Jason sitting in his room recording songs on a 4 track and making tapes for the band, or Jason and I will also meet up at the practice space and piece together sections of songs we have.  That’s how stuff like Chained Up In Chains came around.  When Jason has a riff in his head though, he doesn’t record it, he just makes up a name for it and writes it down.  Then years later he’ll pick up a piece of paper with the riff name on it and remember exactly how it goes.  He’s fuckin’ weird.

enforcer cauldron tour flyer

It looks like your schedule is really starting to fill up.  You’ve got the tour with Stryker, then with Enforcer, and then with the Swedish heavy metallers Wolf.  That’s awesome, man!  What are your excitement levels to hitting the open road with all these great bands, and showing the crowds who CAULDRON is?

Our excitement level is at DEFCON 2 right now.  Striker are our friends from Edmonton, they’re arriving in Toronto in a couple days and they’re playing 4 shows with us around the area.  We met them in 2007 when Cauldron went out west and 2 members played in a band called Vinyl Spine.  We’re looking forward to it, we’ve never seen Striker live and I want to pick up their record if they’ve got any left!  Enforcer and Wolf we met in June when we played the Muskelrock festival in Sweden.  They’re all laid back guys, I think we’ll get along with ‘em.  Although the Wolf guys seem to be the prankster types.  Which is cool, I just don’t want to see any naked Swedish men.

Wolf Cauldron UK tour

Chained To The Nite has been doing pretty well man.  Any plans for a music video for any of the songs off of the album?

It has?  Cool!  Well, we’ve been planning to do a video for Chained Up In Chains for a while.  We applied for a Canadian video grant but got denied.  I guess the content wasn’t suitable, you know, a couple long hairs, some chains, a demon or two, maybe a girl if we could afford it.  It was too risque basically.  They save the grants for artists that will enrich the lives of Canadian youth.  Big black chicks shaking their greased asses at the camera with thugs throwing money at them.  We’re gonna try to have a video out this year some time!

I love the riffing in “Chained Up In Chains” – it’s so catchy!  It’s such a great all around song.  What are some of your favorite songs off of Chained To The Nite?

Right on!  We like playing that one too.  I would say my favorite songs off Chained to the Nite are the ones that don’t grab you immediately, but you enjoy them more in the long run, like Fermenting Enchantress and Witch Trail.  Those songs have a bit more depth to them and nice arrangements.  I think Jason would say Conjure the Mass and Chained Up.

Can you explain to us a CAULDRON show for one who has not seen the band live before?  What do you like to open and close your set with, or do you like to mix it up?

Well, a Cauldron show usually starts with Jason doing his best Cronos bass introduction, with a ridiculous amount of smoke billowing out.  He’s usually playing his bass and pressing the smoke button at the same time.  And then we might open with something like Midnite Hour or The Striker Strikes.  We often end with the Goat Horn song The Last Force, which is a good one to end with because it’s so tiring we can’t play after it anyway.  For some reason it’s the first song in the set in these upcoming shows, I’m going to look into that!  We get bored with sets a lot and usually throw something new in or play it backwards.

You guys have sure moved on from previous projects, the first CAULDRON E.P., to now with Chained To The Nite. Looking forward, do you guys have any ideas for some future CAULDON material?

Yeah we’ve been demoing about 8-10 new songs.  Some of them are almost done and have scratch lyrics, and others are still in the instrumental phase.  There’s going to be a lot of variation on the next album.  Fast ones, slow ones, short ones and long ones.  As soon as we get back from the Wolf tour we’ll start whipping them into shape.  Some working titles that probably won’t make it onto the album are Wasp Grinder, To Die to Death (Surrender) and Tears of Cum.

The scene in Canada has been emerging in many ways lately, with many different forms of metal.  How do you like the metal coming out of Canada lately, and where are some of your favorite places to play?

Well I’m not too up to date on the Quebec black metal scene, but there are good bands like Striker, Metalian and Maniac who we play with a lot.  We usually play at the Bovine Sex Club and Sneaky Dee’s.  I don’t know if those are our favourites but we always end up there.  There’s an all ages place in Halifax called The Pavilion that is always a good show.

Here’s a fun and tricky question.  If you were to create a dream tour, who would be on it?  Feel free to name a full scale arena festival if you wish.

Time travel is obviously allowed so that would be Black Sabbath’s Born Again lineup, Megadeth in ‘86, Torch, Parasite, Seduce, Diamond Head, Cirith Ungol, Cutty Sark, Savatage, Griffin, Talon, Vandenberg, Trouble, Reckless, Riot, Restless, Picture, Shotgun Messiah, Lizzy Borden, Mad Max, Michael Schenker Group and us if there’s room, and it will be called Rap Fest.

You have a great team in Earache Records who has your back, a great album in Chained To The Nite, and some killer tours on the way.  How does the future look for Cauldron?

Pretty good I guess, we just need to start touring and touring and maybe incorporate some greazed bitches in our video proposal so we can get a grant.  The future is what you make it!  Dream it, be it! 

CAULDRON - Chained To The Nite

Label: Earache Records

By Alex Gilbert

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