REIGN OF VENGEANCE Frontman Releases New Book “A Dark Path”

Frontman for Reign of Vengeance, Marshall “Fucking” Beck, is releasing another book (yes, he has more than one) entitled “A Dark Path.” You guys can get a copy of the short story as a free bonus if you purchase his recent release “And Let There Be Darkness,” which is available on both paperback and E-Book format via Beck’s first novel, a collection of short stories entitled “And Let There Be Darkness is available on paperback and E-Book at For all you Kindle freaks, including myself, it appears that the ePub format of Beck’s books will not work with Kindle but looks as though it’ll work for all the other “readers” out there.  Get with the program Kindle!!  Beck’s gotten some great reviews which you can check out below along with some comments from the band and Beck.   Let’s show some support to metal music and get this book!

“Street lights appear in the far distance, glowing soft and orange through the trees, slightly lighting the path. Allen turns his attention again to Elissa, disliking that even amidst the bad memories he misses her so terribly. He thinks to himself how things might be if only he could have responded differently during their last and final fight, the only fight he believes that ever really matters in any relationship. “

“This BOOK is not another one of those lame-ass, self-indulged, narcissistic as hell, “here is another REALITY rockstar story” biography… Instead, this is 6 short stories so slam packed with fear, gore, and adrenaline it will leave you practically wanting to bang your head, if any book was ever capable.” – Marshall “F–king” Beck (Author)

“Some of these literally gave me the chills. I think there might be something seriously wrong with Marshall’s head.” – Tommy Gibbons (Reign of Vengeance)

“Much like his music, Marshall Beck’s short stories are violent, disturbing, misogynistic and lack any redeeming social value. In other words, they’re entertaining as hell. This is ‘Eat. Pray. Love.’ for metalheads.” – Mike R. Meyer (Tempe Carnivore/Phoenix New Times)

“We are afraid of what God would do to us for giving this book a positive review. We are afraid of what Marshall will do if we do not… Please just keep this anonymous.” – Anonymous review (from a major Arizona Newspaper)

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