ChtoniC’s Brand New Video for “49 Theurgy Chains”

Doris Yeh of ChthoniC had the following to say about the bands new video:

“The concept we wanted to portray is the philosophy of Oriental Hell. Hundreds of levels of different hell have different sentences.  “Mirror of Retribution” is the first thing you will meet when you fall into the Hell. Through the mirror, you see all the bad things you’ve done in your lifetime. Each spirit has to face the “Mirror of Retribution” then the ghost king will send everyone to the specific level of hell that they deserved.

But it’s not good enough to only describe the Hell, so, we found the crossover between Taiwan and Hell, that’s “228 Massacre” in our history. We created a main character in our story named “Tsing-guan”, who is the medium (psychic) in the temple. The year was 1947, and the biggest massacre launched by the Chinese Army in Taiwan’s history had occurred.  The main character tried to use his ability to go to Hell, stealing the Book of Life and Death, and killing the tyrant of the Chinese Army.

ChthoniC decided to use “49 Theurgy Chains” to be our video because the song can describe the struggle when the main character faced suicide himself, like the fate that he can’t refuse. He knows that he may fail, but he still needs to do try. Just like the fate that was met by all of the Taiwanese in 1947.

We chose a famous sea side of Taiwan to shoot this video. The landscape is both beach and rocky coast in the same place. We shot the video all day from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. The wind was so strong, so the shooting effect was very good, but the wind also blew away our tents, everybody was getting sunburned and covered in bruises for over 12 hours staying under such strong sunlight and powerful winds.

When it was near dusk, the director began shooting the scene under the lanterns. The scene was set to be that all members should be still playing under the flaming lanterns. This was a dangerous but interesting experience, because when the lanterns start to catch on fire and fall down one by one, the members didn’t notice that and continued to play, until the oil was leaking from the lantern and one of flaming lanterns fell and hit CJ’s Keyboard.   The director screamed for everybody to retreat!”

Check Out ChthoniC’s new music video below:

ChthoniC’s newest album, Mirror of Retribution, streets September 15 in the US on Spinefarm Records.

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