ADLER On GN’R Reunion: ‘We Have An Opportunity Everybody In The World Wishes They Could Have’

Steve Newton of recently conducted an interview with former
GUNS N’ ROSES and current ADLER’S APPETITE drummer Steven
. Speaking about his experience receiving treatment on the VH1
show “Celebrity Rehab” for a longstanding drug addiction, Adler
said, “Working with Dr. Drew [Pinsky] helped me in so many ways.
For 20 years I lived in a big beautiful house, but I lived in the bathroom. I
would lock myself in the bathroom — drugs are just that way. But besides Dr.
Drew getting me off the drugs, I was able to write my book, ‘My Appetite For
, and writing my book played a huge part in getting my life back

Regarding the possibility of a reunion of GUNS N’
‘ classic lineup, Adler said, “We have an opportunity that
everybody in the world wishes they could have. Whatever U2 did on their
tour recently, if we did a GN’R reunion, we would double that! And we owe
it to the fans! We haven’t performed with each other in 20 fuckin’ years, and
the fans still have our backs.”

When asked — hypothetically speaking —
what’s to stop perennial riot-starter Axl Rose from saying, two minutes
before the first GUNS N’ ROSES reunion gig, “Fuck it, my shoelaces are
untied, I’m not going on?” Adler said, “I’d punch him in the face! Oh God
— not the face, not the face! I’d punch him in the kidney! Or I would give him a
severe reprimand. Or I would go out there and pick somebody out of the audience
to sing for him. There’s many options. I just want to do it!”

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