FORBIDDEN Auditioning for New Drummer Online

Guitarist / founding member / songwriter Craig Locicero of the  band FORBIDDEN has issued the following update:

“This has been the week of all weeks for FORBIDDEN highs and lows. It started with losing a drummer and cancelling an entire tour. Really low. But there has been a few silver linings as well.

“First good thing is Gene Hoglan (Dark Angel, Death, Strapping Young Lad) had an opening in his schedule and is playing a one-off with us at this weekend’s Alcatraz Festival in Belgium. Gene is our Bro! Because of him, we salvaged the European tour’s biggest date.

“Then, the ProgPower Festival in Atlanta, Georgia inquired about August 27th. Gene once again has an opening… so here we come Atlanta! We’ll bring our Thrash to both of these amazing festivals thanks to the Mighty Atomic Clock coming through!

“As for our long-term drummer solution, well… some other fantastic drummers with respected names have offered their sticks from all over the world. Many of our awesome friends and peers alike have made it clear they would lend us a hand or flat out want the gig! That is an honor beyond words and we thank all of you. But there is simply no way to get everyone into a room to jam and have it be practical. That would take weeks we don’t have.

“We want the right player so we’ve decided to set up a YouTube channel specifically for the truest contenders. A place just for those serious enough to show the band and the world your skills playing FORBIDDEN songs. Send a video of yourself bashing out ‘Forsaken At The Gates,’ ‘Infinite,’ and another FORBIDDEN song of your choice. We will look at all of the videos objectively and decide who goes to the next level. At that next point, chemistry becomes everything. First we need to get past 1st base before sliding home.

“If you deserve to sit on the same throne as Paul Bostaph, Steve Jacobs, Mark Hernandez, and Gene Hoglan, you’d better get ready to bring it out in the open! As far as we’re concerned, those are 4 of the greatest drummers in Thrash Metal so give it your best shot! What are you drummers waiting for? Let’s see what you’ve got!”

Send a Dropbox, Fileblaze, or Mediablaze download link to:

By sending in your submission, you are granting your consent to having your video file uploaded onto the FORBIDDEN Drummer 2011 YouTube channel and other social media sites for comments.

Make sure to include your name and contact information in your e-mail.

Visit FORBIDDEN’s YouTube Drummer Auditions channel HERE.

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