BEHEMOTH / GRUPA 13 Release How-It-Was-Made Video for “Lucifer” Track

Behemoth, along with Grupa 13,  have posted a “see-how-it-was-made” video for the track “Lucifer” from the album Evangelion.  The track is over 8 wonderful minutes long.  The video was filmed in Poland and stars Maciej Malenczuk as guest vocalist.  The film is currently on the editing room floor and it’s expected to see a September release. You can check out another one of the Behemoth/Grupa 13 collaborations Alas, Lord is Upon Me.

Behemoth front man, Nergal, comments: “It’s crazy. The making of video is 10 minutes long and you watch it like it was 3 minutes… it’s so intense and still, doesn’t look like anything we’ve done before! “Lucifer” was a huge artistic challenge and I managed to create a VERY unique atmosphere. Watch and enjoy while waiting for the final result. The video’s gonna fuckin’ slay!”

Check out the making-of video below as well as  HERE.


Also…Nergal comments on his most recent acquittal:

“I really had so much faith in judges. The verdict seems to be right. Intelligence and truth won over backward thinking and conservative attitudes; though I’m aware of the fact it’s not over yet. The battle is won but the war is on…”


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