DANZIG Bassist Launches MARRA’S DRUG

DANZIG bassist and former member of SAMHAIN, SON OF SAM and MOURNING NOISE, Steve Zing, has released the debut album from his project MARRA’S DRUG.

Influenced by everything from heavy punk rock to metal to progressive rock – even ’50s music! — MARRA’S DRUG‘s first release is heavy, yet at the same time listener-friendly.

MARRA’S DRUG‘s music is indescribable,” Zing explains. “It’s very intense — it’s not pop punk, and we’re not whining.”

Perhaps New Jersey-based MARRA’S DRUG music is diverse because all four bandmembers (Zing, guitarist Steve Falco, drummer John Caton drums, and bassist Danno) did not cut their teeth on the same musical fare. “We didn’t all grow up on punk rock,” Zing reveals. “I grew up on punk and ’50s music, like early Elvis, Bill Hailey and Buddy Holly. Falco and Caton dig hardcore metal, Danno is into progressive rock… Our music has each of our signatures, and we put our own spins into it.”

MARRA’S DRUG‘s tunes are aggressive, in-your-face and honest. Of course there’s anger in there, which is at the core of any good heavy rock music. Yet there is also a very subtle underlying melancholy, if you listen closely enough.

“We don’t try to write songs,” Zing says. “We do what is best for the song, whatever it takes to make the best tune possible.”

For more information, visit www.marrasdrug.com.


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