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Thanks via our friends in Earsplit PR, SMNnews jumped on the opportunity to interview Tommy [Niemeyer] Accused, guitarist of the legendary band, THE ACCUSED, who are the pioneers of their self-dubbed splatter rock.  And even more importantly, THE ACCUSED has stuck to their guns from having the very 1st release in the Earache Records catalog, to now almost 30 years later with their just released full length, The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead, out on Southern Lord.  And they sound fresh as ever, and a big cheers to that!  Come join the fun as Tommy tells us his desires for a music video, future tour plans as they look to hook up with Lamb Of God, Tommy’s dream tour he’s created called “SPLAT-TOUR FROM HELL”, the long lived mascot of Martha Splatterhead which Tommy has created the new artwork for, and much much more!!  Seriously, get into THE ACCUSED immediately if you have not heard of them, but those of you already die hard fans, you are absolutely going to love the new release!


You guys have The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead on the way due out on Southern Lord.  What are your excitement levels towards the release, and your new relationship with Southern Lord?

Hi, Alex: Since I’m fucking dragging behind on this interview, the release date was now 2 days ago. But I can tell you: We WERE excited about the CD coming out beforehand; and NOW?….The Accused are fucking insanely happy and exploding with joy, love, and good will towards all of mankind’s creatures–except for the Fisher Cat (like a badger, I hear…)

Any plans or desires for a music video off of The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead?

“Desires”?…yes. Immediate “plans”?…no. Always got “ideas” about those things, but currently nothing slated. It WILL most likely get a video treatment one way or another. We’re hoping to do a “full on music video” for at least one of the tracks; which will happen (if it’s going to at all) probably by the first of 2010.

Both musically and lyrically, you guys have stuck to your guns from the beginning, unleashing some of the rawest, intense, and true underground spirit.  Cheers guys, how does it feel to look back to all the great times, and look forward to the great times to come?

You described our credo perfectly there, my friend. Stick to it. If it’s TRULY coming from the heart, no matter what it is you are doing: you can be happy, really loving life, which we are right now. The experiences and memories this band has provided for many people are almost ALL great ones. The members of The Accused have been fortunate enough to meet lots of great people over the years; as well as the chance to go places they otherwise may not have been able to visit or really enjoy. I hope very much that will continue as The Accused enters its third decade of existence. I can just tell you I personally am very thankful that the fans of our music overwhelmingly suggest that it’s not “over” yet for The Accused. Which is good, cuz it feels like we are just getting started. “The Curse of Martha Splatterhead” proves what I mean. That album kicks ass period.

What do you think of the current underground scene in terms of punk, thrash, and metal?  A great doorway for the youth of today to become exposed to its creators, or loosing some of its message and culture?

Well, I am not totally “up” on scenes much–musically or otherwise. Possibly, because I am purposely limiting my exposure to certain avenues of influence–mostly media sources, the internet; television, etc. I only experience “a scene” at the shows we play–or standing in line at the local grocery store where I live. So I couldn’t comment really.

I know that “my way” was not the “right way” whatever the topic may be. Just because I am older than most now, doesn’t mean I get carte blanche to say the “new generation” is wrong. I HATED hearing that when I was younger, and vowed to NEVER become a grumpy, out-of-touch old fucker. Which–so far–seems to be going fairly well. The out-of-touch part needs work…

To attempt to answer your excellent question, though: If younger fans of this music are interested in its “roots” or “origins”, then thanks to the internet, they will be able to discover (quite quickly I’d assume) The Accused were pioneers at a time when it was literally “dangerous territory” to be creating the music we enjoyed playing. We got threats from punks for being “too metal” and the metal crowd didn’t really want us hanging with them, because they considered us and our friends too rowdy and fucked up all the time. (Hmmm….wonder how they got THAT impression? Probably cuz it’s 98% true…oops!) The current state of the music world we are a part of seems very good and alive right now. Hell, I’m doing more interviews now in one day than I EVER did in the past.

You guys have a bunch of upcoming shows on the way.  That’s awesome, you guys must be excited.  Any upcoming tour plans after that you can let us in on?

We are doing a Western US tour Sept-Oct 2009 then hoping to do something in the Midwest over to the East coast if we can squeeze it in before year’s end. If not, then after the first of the 2010 year, we’ll try to make it to the East Coast. Spring of 2010 we’re planning European dates now. We are hoping to hook up with Lamb of God somewhere amongst all of this and do some shows with those guys. Randy was integral in helping expose The Accused to a bunch of the younger audiences. We are fans of their band as well, and think those shows would destroy!! Let’s start a petition!! You now have the “scoop” on that info, BTW!!

Man, you guys have played all around the globe, and must have had a ton of fun while doing it, while also learning many new things.  Out of curiosity, when coming back through Seattle, is there still no place like home?

Well, a close #2 for me may be Prague now that we’ve spent time there. Or Slovakia.  But, yeah Seattle is still our beloved city. Even though they are a little “tax crazy” on smokes.

I’ve always loved the artwork for THE ACCUSED, and it’s awesome you guys have kept your mascot throughout the underground (Martha Splatterhead).  So Martha is still a part of the family, and that’s good to see.  Care to give some promotion on the latest art designs?

I did all the new CD art, with Stephen F. O’Malley making it all fit and look totally killer as a CD package. There’s lots of new “Martha Splatterhead-related” art coming out currently–via our website, T-Shirts, stickers, etc. As well as other Splatter Rock graphics and images from Bob Lane at Coffin Rot Clothing and Skates. He’ll be big on designing our new website along with Federico, an old friend and fan we just officially met in LA last week.

THE ACCUSED - The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead

There is also a limited edition vinyl for The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead coming on the way soon, with some bonus tracks.  I’ll definitely have to pick up a copy; I’ve been a fan for awhile!  Can you give us a glimpse into these bonus tracks, and additional artwork if any?

The two bonus tracks are kinda secret right now. Hints: 1 track is a cover song, originally recorded and written by legendary English punk band U.K. Subs; the other is a re-visit of a familiar classick from The Accused that hasn’t been re-recorded in the studio since 1986. They’re both produced by Joe Rizzi at Low Cut Studio here in Seattle. He’s a great guy and gets a cool sound out of his place, which has a VERY low ceiling, but AWESOME acoustics.

Here’s a fun and tricky question.  If you were to create a dream tour, who would be on it?  Feel free to name a full scale arena festival if you wish.

In no particular order, the bands at this “SPLAT-TOUR FROM HELL” would be:
1. Sacrilege UK
3. Discharge
4. The Stains (LA)
5. Legion of the Damned
7. Lamb of God
9. Cannibal Corpse
10. The Accused

Man, from having the very first release in the Earache Records catalog with The Return Of Martha Splatterhead in 1987, to now almost 30 years later throughout THE ACCUSED’s history as a band, how does the future look for THE ACCUSED?

Pretty fucking good, man. Doing things like answering questions about this band’s past AND future show us 100% that: life is pretty fucking good for The Accused for awhile. Thanks for the questions, Bro. See you out there soon I hope.


Label: Southern Lord

By Alex Gilbert

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