At The Coach House September 2nd – NECKTAR w/Brainticket & Huw Lloyd Langton


Nektar’s contribution over the last 40 years has quite rightly earned them their place in any ‘Progressive Rock Hall of Fame’. But the band is much more than a ‘Prog Legend’, the Nektar brand of innovative composition, performance and visuals is simply unique. Nektar’s history appeared to have been written when they finally split in the early eighties. Despite attempts to re-kindle the flame, the Nektar light, it seemed, was out… Until that is, the year 2000. The new millennium saw the long awaited reunion tour of the classic line up, to rave reviews and fantastic receptions. The light we thought was out, had in fact been kept aglow – by loyal fans across the globe.

Nine years on and the family has grown a little, but the classic Nektar spirit is still very much alive, building on the band’s rediscovered popularity. Despite problems with management and money, Nektar is determined to continue bringing Nektar music to you around the world. Without you, Nektar would never have survived.


Will Perform Live At THE COACH HOUSE
FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd at 8:00pm

Tickets are $22.00 In Advance $25.00 Day of Show
Dinner reservations are available and highly recommended

Please Call The Box Office At 949-496-8930 For Tickets And Dinner Reservations

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