Sonic Syndicate Tap James Biggs as Replacement Vocalist

Swedish metallers SONIC SYNDICATE have tapped 23-year-old British singer Nathan James Biggs (formerly of THE HOLLOW EARTH THEORY) as the replacement for Roland Johansson.

“People from all over the world sent in demos when we announced that we were looking for a new vocalist and we narrowed them down to about 20 that we found particularly interesting,” guitarist Roger Sjunnesson told Hallands Nyheter. “We then auditioned more than a dozen candidates in Falkenberg [Sweden] and we went out and partied together.”

He added, “Personal chemistry was absolutely the most important factor in our decision. You have to be able to spend time with one another.”

Commented the band: “The search is over and the band is complete once again! Nathan is probably the best thing that ever happened to SONIC SYNDICATE since the discovery of distorted guitars and the work we’ve done together is by far the best we’ve achieved to date! He’s like the long-lost brother we never had and has also fused the rest of us together more closely than before. The rebellion has begun!”

Nathan added: “Something incredible and totally unpredictable has happened here! Not only have I managed to land myself in one the most promising bands in the world, I’ve gained a new family too. The energy between SONIC and I is electric and it’s producing some breathtaking results. We’re taking it to the next level. Don’t blink or you’ll be running to catch up with us!”

The new SONIC SYNDICATE lineup recently entered Abyss studios in Pärlby, outside Ludvika, Sweden to record two new songs — “Burn This City” and “Rebellion In Nightmare Land”. “Burn This City” is said to be the more commercial track of the two that is suitable for the radio, while “Rebellion” has been described by Roger as a more uptempo song that the group’s longtime fans can instantly identify with. Both tracks will appear on a new EP, “Rebellion”, which will be released on November 6 as part of an all-in-one-package with the group’s latest album, “Love And Other Disasters”.

The cover artwork for “Rebellion” will be created by Gustavo Savez of Abstrata Art.

A new SONIC SYNDICATE album is tentatively due in April/May 2010.

Check out new vocalist James Biggs in action below:

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