DERANGED Frontman Quits, Prepares To Record New RAZORRAPE Album

Vocalist Martin Schönherr has left Swedish death metal band DERANGED for “personal reasons”.

“I’ve lost my motivation in DERANGED and after some ‘issues’ within the band, I felt it was time to quit. I will now focus 150% on my other bands SPLATTERED MERMAIDS and RAZORRAPE; both bands will enter the studio this year and record full-length albums!”

RAZORRAPE will enter the studio in October for the recording of its second CD, entitled “Revenge Of The Hermaphrodite Whores”, tentatively due this winter through Rotten Roll Rex. Songtitles set to appear on the album include “Triple Cock Buttfuck”, “Beautiful Girl Hunter”, “Rabid Shemale Rape Squad”, “Revenge Of The Hermaphrodite Whores”, “Castrated By Children” and “Three On A Meathook”.

“We have about 14 tracks for the album and it will beat all our previous recorded stuff, so stay tuned for some bulldozer gore/grind with a lot of sick influences,” says Schönherr.

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