Theory of a Deadman’s TYLER CONNOLLY Lists 5 Douchiest Things about Los Angeles

When I first saw this press release I was a bit put off about it, being that Braingell is headquartered 20 minutes from LA but since Tyler states it’s his adopted home and even goofs on himself then what the hell.  Let’s the the metal news out there!


Theory of a Deadman frontman Tyler Connolly recently listed the five douchiest things about his adopted home of Los Angeles for the folks at Revolver. Here’s what he came up with:


“Everyone thinks they’re famous. No, really, even the waiters think they are actors… Oh wait…”



“Everyone drives a nice car. Seriously! I pulled up to a guy at a light driving a new Mercedes and said, ‘Hey bro, nice car.’ He said, ‘Thanks. Wanna buy some oranges?’”

That's right. It's Pamela Anderson at the beach in Uggs



“Everyone in L.A. is in amazing shape! Eat a cheeseburger, will ya?”


“Chihuahuas and UGG boots. Chicks in L.A. gotta have multiple mexican dogs that match their multiple pairs of insulated slippers in 95 degree weather!”



“And the No. 1 douchiest thing you can only find in L.A…me!!!”





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