A Metal Lesson: Metal To Get You Through Life…

Life as we know it is different for everyone, whether it be home, work, family, and or play. As human beings we incorporate things that get us thru the daily challenges we face. Some of which can be on the positive, friends, family, and loved ones are always there when we need a shoulder to lean on, music can also play in a positive role to get us thru life.

On a personal level, heavy metal has gotten me thru some rough times and some extremely happy moments in my life. Depending on my mood, or what is going on at the present time in my life, I have depended on heavy metal just to get thru, even in tough times.

I suppose that this will be almost a metal biography of my life, in retrospect I will be correlating the major points in my life to the metal music that highlighted those very moments that were significant to me. That has even helped shape me into the person I am today.

To most people losing your virginity is a major, almost life changing occurrence. No matter where you were at the time, most of us had music playing in the background it’s something you never forget. My memory from losing my virginity was in the boy’s bedroom at his parent’s house. His favorite band ever was AC/DC, the song he chose to play for the monumental moment was their “Let Me Put My Love Into You”. Now, looking back in time, that was pretty cheesy but every time I hear that song, I think of the first time I had sex. I’m pretty sure as most of you are reading this that you are right now thinking back to what song was playing for your first time.

Time rolls on by, sometimes life isn’t all what it seems to be and you get thrown curveballs. This holds perfectly true when you fall in love or have the worst breakup ever. Over the years metal has played the starring role in my life when that has occurred to me, on countless occasions. You’ve been there, the reader; yes I’m talking to you. If you’ve not had the chance to fall in love then you can’t understand the pain that comes when you lose that person you once held dear in your heart. The heavy metal ballad is one of the most powerful forces of music to me. It’s that one song, or many, that can really help you get thru any moments of love and happiness, that makes you feel closer to that person; a connection that you feel binds you, like your special song that signifies the relationship. The most powerful love ballad to me still to this day would be “Sarya’s Timeless Love”.  It was show cased on the soundtrack from the movie Shocker by Wes Craven. I could honestly say that the guy that shared that song with me was in fact my real first true love. To this day I’m sure he has not forgotten that song, either, and what it meant to us at the time. With what seemed to take forever to get over him, and I couldn’t have done it without lots of Iron Maiden, and one of their great ballads, Wasting Love from the Fear of the Dark album. I’m sure readers you can relate, now hold your hands up for the ultimate breakup, cry in your beer, for Nazareth’s “Love Hurts”. Yeah, I’m sure lots of you felt that way with that song playing on the jukebox at the local watering hole. I don’t have enough article space to mention all of my past love/breakup songs I’ve had in my past, so I’ll move on to other prolific times in my life.

The first concert you ever go to you never forget. My first that I ever went to was a blast. I saw Ozzy during his Retirement Sucks tour, with some good friends. The excitement of not knowing what to watch more – the stage or the crowd of people. It was a good moment at that time in my life. I was never allowed to go to concerts as a teenager so this was a very big deal for me even at age twenty. I hope that someone out there can relate to that. It’s so worth the bright lights, the pushing and shoving, and the ringing in your ears when you leave. I haven’t yet grown out of going to see my favorite bands play, and I hope you don’t either readers.

I wish life were all about play and no work, but we have to have that 9 to 5 day to get to do the fun shit. How many of you are lucky enough to even listen to music at work? I can’t see the show of hands, but how many are listening to heavy metal at work? I know everyone here at Braingell Radio is lucky enough, but what of the rest of you. Hopefully you’re at your desk in the office tuned into Braingell right now. If not, tune in right now! That’s more like it people!  And, now that I have your attention, we’re rockin’ on. Heavy metal in the workplace for some can’t happen, but before you get there can help set the mood for the rest of the work day. Now, if you’re in a hurry to get to work, and need some humor to go along with it, I will suggest a few bands. For those that are Arnold Schwarzenegger fans, try listening to Austrian Death Machine, you may drive faster, but you’ll be amazed by their songs filled with famous quotations of Arnold’s best movie lines, from his best films; Double Brutal is one of my favs. Another band, especially if you like pirates is Alestorm. Their new album Back Through Time, is amazing, it’s hard, heavy, and full of all the pirate antics we know and love. So many songs of drinking, and pillaging, you’ll be totally intoxicated by their lyrics and use of the accordions. Although whatever metal you choose to play in your car on the way to work, try not to get a speeding ticket, sometimes the urge to speed up happens when good heavy metal is played, drive with caution. Luckily, I’ve got the best job ever because I can use metal in the work place. I dance, so all the music I dance to is metal. I utilize such a wide array of music that I don’t have enough article space, but I can name some of the basic metal genres. Some of my favorites include, symphonic, goth, pirate, operatic, death, and horror punk, just to name a few. My co-dancers also occasionally dance to metal also, more mainstream like Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Metallica, and Ozzy to name a few of those. Often times our non-dancing coworkers enjoy metal too, and they slip some of their favorite bands in such as Veil Of Maya – anything off their ID album is very extreme and heavy for those readers of the fast paced metal lovers. Indeed, if you’re ever in Knoxville, TN come by The Katch and you’ll definitely get to hear all the above metal and more and see some great entertainers as well. Yes, I’m there too. So work place metal is not for everyone but it will get you to work on time.

After your hard day or night at work, you finally manage some down time. Whether it be at home, at a bar, or at your favorite hangout, heavy metal can be part of that primary part of your life. Think about your favorite way to unwind, now think about a genre of metal that you could listen to during that time. Take for instance at home relaxing in the bath, warm water enveloping you, maybe some white fluffy bubbles surrounding you, and if you’re really feeling it, the lights are dimmed with candles lit all around you. I personally listen to goth metal music, like The Divine Madness, this band I’ve went on long walks in the park, to laying out worshipping the Sun God, and has gotten me thru some really rough times lately. Their album Neverworld, has so many dark sensual lyrics, and music that it would fit quite nicely in the bath full of sudsy bubbles. I was at The Urban Bar the other night in Knoxville, TN, and it was amazing that this nice couple while deciding what to play on the jukebox put in Nightwish’s “Wish I Had An Angel” for me from their Once album, it was awesome listening to that while drinking my Guinness beer. The couple had never heard of Nightwish before so it was enjoyable expanding someone else’s musical knowledge. Even at your favorite hangout, whether it’s at a friend’s house or your favorite music store, which I so have to get back to is my personal favorite record store the Disc Exchange in you guessed it, Knoxville, TN. I’ve really gotten behind in my metal shopping and a must have CD I’m going to get is Pain’s new album You Only Live Twice which I can’t wait to go get since I have everyone of their other albums. I loved the track “Have A Drink On Me” from the album Cynic Paradise.  That song should be my new motto. Think of your favorite hangout readers and then what kind of metal you would incorporate into it? If it’s a music store than you can ask for some metal to be played while you’re shopping, they’ll usually do it for you if you ask nicely. Especially if you’re going to be buying something new.

Life does have its challenges but if you can incorporate heavy metal into these than it makes it a little easier to swallow. Life altering changes such as marriage, having a baby, or someone’s funeral are generally not where you’d hear heavy metal or that you could play it, but I have for two of my children being born. Both of my middle sons came into this world listening to Nightwish, much to my Doctors surprise that heavy metal would be a good focal point for labor and delivery. I was able to focus on the music, and less on the pain. I think my doctor even got into it, and can attest to my using heavy metal as my natural pain relief for childbirth.

Epic moments in life happen every day and heavy metal is often times a soundtrack to one’s own life – from work to play, from love to new life coming into this world; all of which mold and shape us to who we are as individuals while we listen and move to today’s and yesterday’s influential heavy metal. My only hope to which when I die, somebody who really knows me plays either Iron Maiden or Nightwish at my funeral, ’cause I know I’m going out rockin’ with my fingers in the air. Horns up readers, horns up!

That’s my heavy metal life’s lessons for you, the readers.  Until next time….

– Gypsy Rose

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