HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE release first single, artwork, and tracklisting for new full-length album “17th Street” out October 24!


With a newly-rejuvenated line-up and their signature sound intact, San Francisco’s HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE have returned with 17th Street, a brash and heartfelt song cycle, blending the best elements of NWOBHM, Thrash, Doom, and American Folk music while somehow sounding unlike any of these.

17th Street takes the band’s inimitable sound to a new level, creating an emotional gravity that only further accentuates the band’s formidable songwriting chops. “I can see how someone could find it an upbeat record,” says John Cobbett, guitarist and producer of the band, also of underground metal legends Ludicra and Slough Feg. “There are glimmers of hope there. But if you listen carefully to each song, you’ll find that each one has it’s own point of view; you might find hope, or something very different, very dark.”

From today on (September, 7th) you can hear the first single
The Grain, which has been made into a lyric video, http://www.metalblade.com/hammersofmisfortune/


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