ANUBIS GATE Premiering New Track “Hold Back Tomorrow” from Upcoming New Album

Anubis Gate will be releasing their new self titled album this Tuesday, Sept. 18th.  Bravewords is hosting and exclusive premier of the track “Hold Back Tomorrow” on their KnuckleTracks Audio Player.  Get your asses over to to check it out.

Also, Noisecreep is streaming the track “Golden Days” at




1. Hold Back Tomorrow

2. The Re-Formation Show

3. Facing Dawn                                             

4. World in a Dome

5. Desiderio Omnibus                                   

6. Oh My Precious Life

7. Golden Days                                             

8. Telltale Eyes                                              

9. River                                                         

10. Circumstanced

All songs written by Kim Olsen & Jesper M. Jensen



Anubis Gate – 2011 (Nightmare Rec)

The Detached – 2009 (Locomotive Rec)

Andromeda Unchained – 2007 (Locomotive Rec)

A Perfect Forever – 2005 (Locomotive Rec )

Purification – 2004 (Locomotive Rec)

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