Love and a .38 Bassist, JUSTIN EMORD, To Release Signature Line of Guitar Straps

Braingell was lucky enough to have Justin Emord, bassist for the band Love and a .38, get with us to  discuss his influences, the gig at the Sunset Strip Music Festival, and more importantly, his new line of guitar straps due out in 2012.  So, sit back, relax and enjoy the interview!

Braingell:  Who are your influences for playing bass?

Justin: For me, Nikki Sixx and Duff McKagan are the biggest influences. Nikki knows how to just ride a note to let Mick do his thing on guitar but can write some tasteful fills so there isn’t any empty space. Duff is also like that but he also has a nice groove and can really play in the pocket so that’s what I like to do-play what’s best for the song be it a walking pattern or less busy to let Krishna shine. I played guitar in bands for 4 years so I respect Lemmy coming from a guitar background and switching to bass though his style hasn’t influenced the way I play or write.

Braingell: You’ve been in Love and a .38 for a while now.  Have you been digging it so far?

Justin: It’s been great- they had a strong built in audience so when I joined, they had strong connections with venues. In fact, my first show with them was a week after I joined out in Arizona so I started guns blazing out on the road for my first gig and it’s been a great journey so far.

Braingell:  Love and a .38 just played the Sunset Strip Music Festival with Motley Crue which I’m sure kicked ass!  Could you tell us about that?

Justin: This was the first SSMF that I had even attended so it was quite a lot to take in especially playing a venue like the Key Club. We had an incredible crowd watching us so it was very rewarding to see such a turnout with that kind of energy. It was by far my favorite show I’ve done in my 5 years of playing out. Motley Crue put on an incredible show so it was great to be able to watch them as well.

Braingell: What’s your current rig that you’re using live?

Justin:  Right now I am using my Mudd Signature Starlite Series bass Luna Gypsy and Minarik Diablo basses through an Ashdown Bassometer tuner to my Ashdown ABM 500 rig. Ashdowns are by far the best bass amps on the market and I love them. I also use Stage Ninja retractable cables for their reliability and convenience.

Braingell:  Exciting news!   You’ve got a signature collection coming out in January. Could you tell us a little about that?

Justin:  I’ll be releasing a signature strap through American Drag Seats at NAMM.  It’s hand tooled and studded leather and will be available for purchase at the show as well as through

Booth information for my signature collection will be released as NAMM gets closer so check out or for further details.

Braingell:  I see you have 10+ endorsement deals, how is it to be endorsed?

Justin: It’s great, I love it.  Endorsement deals are a great way to earn a reputation and gain credibility in the music industry. As rewarding as it is to be featured on my sponsors’ artist pages, the part about being endorsed I love the most is the relationship you develop with the company. While most people look at companies as a faceless corporation, I get to know the companies and the people that run them which is great. Some of the companies I work with don’t have an artist relations person so I work directly with the president of the company which is a real honor. Being endorsed, I also attend the NAMM show every year. At NAMM I will sometimes be asked to give a testimonial about a company’s product to a potential buyer and I enjoy telling these buyers about the reasons I endorse and use their product. I enjoy helping out these companies I am sponsored by as much as I love the perks that come with being endorsed.

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