Drawing for FREE One Month Subscription to JamPlay.com for Guitarists!

The folks over at MetalInjection.net know how you guitarists out there want to better yourselves in your craft so they’re teaming up with JamPlay.com, an online video instruction site for acoustic and electric guitar.¬† There’ll be two winners a one month free trial membership to the site. You will have access to hundreds of instructional videos including Tosin Abasi of Animals As Leaders, James Malone of Arsis, Doc Coyle of God Forbid, Emil Werstler of DAATH and more.

So if you want to win the membership, simply leave a comment stating who was Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist on his first solo album.

And for those of you who hate contests, and just want to try out JamPlay for yourself, they are giving every Metal Injection junkie the ability to sign up for a free one week trial, no contest needed…everybody gets it, just sign up right here.

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