The Flood – Chris Johnson (vocals)


Hi Chris, tell me a little about your background in music. When did you first decide you wanted to form a band?

I received private vocal training for five years from the Maestro David Kyle, who is the same teacher as Ann and Nancy Wilson from HEART, Lane Staley from Alice in Chains, Queensryche’s Jeff Tate, just to name a few. I first decided to form a band in 1990 with some very close friends. The name of the band was LSD (Living Seaman Demons) and we played an alt/punk style and played with bands like the Rhino Humpers.

What were some of the first bands you were drawn to, lyrically, musically, etc. ?

The Doors, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Mother Love Bone, Slayer, Metallica, Smiths, U2.

How long has the band been together? We’re you in any previous bands?

We have been together for about 4 years. I was in the band LSD as you already know and also played with the band Within, Lift, Mable.

You are currently working with Sylvia Massy on your debut full-length. What has that been like?

Working with Sylvia is amazing.  I know when we work with her we are in good hands and her studio/theatre is incredible both acoustically and visually!  I was really impressed with the history of some of the equipment.  Led Zeppelin’s song Remains the Same was mixed on the Neve console and the SVT bass amp that Jeff used, belonged to the Rolling Stones during one of their first tours.  As far as the process goes, we do the pre-production at our studio in Redmond, WA.  This means we get the platform ironed out before heading to Radiostar Studios.  Once in the studio, we play the songs for Sylvia.  She gives us a yea or ney and then we begin tracking.  When the instruments and vocals are tracked in studio A, we move to studio B and mix everything down.  When everyone’s happy with the end product, we come back home and master our tracks at RFI CD masters.

Who is the main songwriter in the band?

I write all of the lyrics as well as coming up with the vocal melodies, I also help with the arrangement of the songs, as well as writing some of riffs.

You recently toured with Static-X, what was that like?

Their fans totally kicked ass.  The crew was awesome and Static’s members made us feel welcome.  Night after night, their consistency was amazing and gave us something to strive for during our first major tour.

Any tour plans for the Fall?

Yes. Something big soon.  I look forward to making the announcement.

Any final words, thoughts?

I kind of feel like my journey is just beginning and I am just excited about the path The Flood is on.

Check out The Flood here.

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