Deathwish Inc Have Signed Starkweather

Deathwish Inc has just announced the signing of Starkweather. The Philadelphia band has been around since the 1990s and has gone on to influence bands like Converge and Coalesce.

“Our next release on Deathwish, This Sheltering Night, was actually recorded before the split with Overmars at various sessions throughout 2007-2008 at DeadVerse Studios. This is six Starkweather songs (’Bustuari,’ ‘Epiphany,’ ‘All Creatures Damned And Divine,’ ‘Broken From Inside,’ ‘Martyring,’ and ‘One Among Vermin’) and features soundscape interludes created by artist and musician Elizabeth Jacobs, under her guise as Sophia Perennis, and Oktopus from Dalek. The entire album can be played as one continuous 73:41 piece or as separate tracks. A release date and other specifics will also be announced soon.

In the pipeline: Split CD with Singapore’s Little Girl Terrorist (featuring the 30+ minute long Drug Holiday) that will be available on Swarm of Nails Records. (Artwork for the Little Girl Terrorist split will be provided by Alex Eckman-Lawn); A split CD with Cali grindcore mavens thousandswilldie that will showcase a slightly different dimension in sound. Featuring a song that carries a spacious Pink Floyd aesthetic crossing angular dissonances of Deathspell Omega and Ved Buens Endes/Virus. This clocks in at about 15 minutes. Both songs will be recorded at DeadVerse Studio in October; Another full length that we have 3 full songs written for and an overwhelming amount of other material to pull from.”


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