GWAR-B-Q Venue Change / Indoor Cooking Allowed But Only For Drugs

GWAR has changed their GWAR-B-Q” venue from Hadad’s Water Park to Richmond’s National Theater.

There’s no better way to explain all the hairy details other than letting GWAR explain it to you in their most fucked up wonderful way…

In a stunning display of cat-like agility, Slave Pit today announced a last -second venue change to their highly anticipated “GWAR-B-Q”, switching the venue from Hadad’s Water Park to Richmond’s beautiful National Theater.

Henrico County would not issue the proper licenses for the event to run legally despite Slave Pit’s intense efforts to placate the authorities.

Slave Pit’s Dave Brockie had this to say about the debacle-

“We feel we have been treated in an unjust manner. There have been music festivals for years in Henrico County with no problem OR licenses. We jumped through hoops, hired cops, made safety plans…and at the last second they chose not to give us the permits.”

“I woke up today and heard this. I was just about to put a bullet through my head when we got a call from the National Theater. They had originally booked some loser from “America’s Got Talent”, but he cancelled…so the National saved the day for us and agreed to open their doors to the event. As you read this we are scrambling madly to accommodate all of the acts and events we had planned, and present the full spectacle of the GWAR-B-Q.”

Slave Pit and GWAR have been busy as evil beavers, breaking in a new bass player and gearing up for the last great bash of summer 2011, the GWAR-B-Q. What started years ago as party for GWAR members and friends has mutated into a colossal event featuring tons of bands, food, and fun. Headliners GWAR will be supported by Darkest Hour, a special re-union of the band Kepone, and the debut of The Argonauts, featuring Dave Witte of Municipal Waste. The amazing line-up has attracted the attention of nationwide media, and reporters and photographers from Decibel and SPIN magazine will be on hand. Celebrity judges and entertainers like Rabb Himself and Don Jamieson will be on hand, and best yet, G4’s Attack of the Show co-host Candace Bailey will be eaten by GWAR’s pet worm, the World Maggot!

Candace Bailey, co-host of G4’s Attack of the Show, is going to die…

Join us for the GWAR-B-Q!

The National

708 East Broad St., Richmond, VA     23219

There is some indoor cooking, but strictly for drugs. There will still be tons of food from various vendors, tattoo’s, and various events such as American A-Hole and the Bloody T-Shirt Contest.

Camping is still available at

Campsite is at 4401 E. Main St. Richmond, Va. 23231

Check-in is on Friday, Sep. 16th, after 5:00 pm. Check-out is Sunday, Sep. 18th by 5:00 pm., so you should have plenty time to sleep it off.

Holiday Inn Express at 201 E. Cary St. Richmond, Va. 23219 is offering a special dealio for the GWAR-B-Q, book reservations at 1-888-Holiday, special promotional code – GWARBQ

But the fun CAN’T STOP…so McCormicks Irish pub will be hosting the GWAR-B-Q after party, with tons of cool bands.

And don’t miss your LAST CHANCE to meet, hang out with, and be abused by GWAR by buying your special premium ticket! Anyone who has waited til’ now to order their tickets will pick them up at the gate. Get all the details about that, the insane events, and all the great food at






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